Horta da Torre Roman villa scene

Object of archaeological excavations since 2012, the roman villa of Horta da Torre in Fronteira, Portugal, has revealed a good number of well preserved structures with solutions that make it a unicum, a place with no parallel identified until this moment. The room of considerable size with a stibadium was the place where the dominus hosted luxurious banquets for his guests. The way the room was projected, with ingenious technical solutions, shows that the dominus recreated an environment that brings, to Alentejo, the codes and solutions of the great aulic roman villae of the 4th century. After the bidimensional record , with CAD tools, and tridimensional with conventional photogrammetry and drone assisted aerophotogrammetry, the roman villa of Horta da Torre turned out to be a unique example where heritage virtualization could become a precious tool for the translation of the ruins. Info: https://3dheritage.wordpress.com/2017/05/22/the-roman-villa-of-horta-da-torre

Carlos carpetudo cenastibadium web